Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ha ha...another day...another funny thing.
Was going to lunch with 2 of my colleagues in Koramangala. Then there's this girl walking towards us. I usually have a fascination for reading printed messages on tee-shirts and this female had one. With bold letters it was written "Guess?" right across the tee-shirt. My almost immediate reaction was to go ask "32C?". Then better sense prevailed and I decided to shut my mouth and grin to myself.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lightning Update from BizziMan!

Well, came by my blog after long and felt that it lacked something...was thinking hard what it could be....after long hours under the peepal tree and various other flora, it STRUCK me..what this blog missed most was updates :-D guess I need to be more regular...

Here is a hilarious thing I witnessed a few days back...
the ride to office in the morning is pretty boring and I tend to look around others driving and at signals. Thus there was this young female (ooops...lady) who I guess was working for Huawei Technologies (wait...I'll tell how I found out!) who was riding a scooty in front of me on the Mysore Road flyover. She was wearing her company jacket with the company's slogan boldly splashed across. I was trying hard to read what it was. And guess what, the slogan read "Ovation Never Stops". I couldn't help not notice and wonder. Then it struck me. She had a bit more than shoulder length hair and her hair had blocked the "Inn" in the beginning. Man, was that a funny sight.

More for later. Me tired.

Emotion: Sleepy. Much more.

Music: Crawling - Linkin Park