Monday, August 28, 2006

What Calvin & Hobbes character are you?

Well, I turned out to be Hobbes! Heh, heh...the philosophical one ;-)
The first time I took the quiz, my mind was clouded by how Calvin behaves. Hence, I scored highly as Calvin. Took the quiz again more objectively, and there was a 3-way tiebreaker :-O
I could have been either Mrs Wormwood or Mom/Dad. Am I that preachy? :-D

You scored as Hobbes. You are Hobbes! Resourceful, laid back, optimistic, understanding, and able to put up with Calvin on a day-to-day basis. You are the best type of friend, someone who you can get in fights with and look at comic books with, someone who will send prank letter to you through the amil and someone who leds over cliffs with you. What more could anyone ask for?

Mrs. Wormwood


Mom and Dad








What Calvin & Hobbes character are you?
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pj time...

Precious little interesting happening in my life. So nothing much to blog about :-DSo to fill up the space, will put up some PJ's that I thought of recently.

If R K Narayan was to write about the days and times of Barbie (or Mallika Sherawat), what would he title his book?

Maal-gudiya Days

If R K N was to write about Abu Salem, then....?

...Moll-Ghoda Days

And a book on Jaya Bhadhuri's film career?

Small-Guddi Days!

And what is this! Shah Rukh is DON???? I say, DON'T!!!!