Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another joke...

My sister-in-law was a major fan of Anil Kapoor. Right from Ram Lakhan/Mr India days. Her major aim in life was to meet him in person. At last, last month, when he was in Bangalore she had a chance to meet him. Now the meeting is known by a particular name -

"When Hairy met Saali"

We screened "When Harry Met Sally" in office this evening. The joke struck me when I was watching the movie. Nice, cute movie. Dialogues are just too good. I especisally liked the background track that goes "Tomaitoes Tomaatoes Potaitoes Potaaatoes" :-D
And the famous restaurant scene! Good timepass!

Listening to Lose Control from Rang De Basanti -neat, fast, hummable track!