Thursday, December 01, 2005


Well, the chill has really set down on Bangalore with the minimum temperature falling to 13-14 deg! For a guy who likes riding late in the night, well, its a mixed feeling. The fingers get numb after a few minutes on the road and you do not know if you are pressing the horn or the start button :-D Hence, been in hibernation for some time and not been visiting the blog world of late. Got a few moments today and thought that I shall resurface. For people who missed my updates, well, thanks for the return visits. For others, well, you don't miss much anyways!
Talking of horns, most Bangalorean drivers have a peculiar habit. I guess during driving classes, they teach that at any point in time, your hand should be either on the accelerator or the horn. Always! You see people who, as soon as they depress the accelerator, start honking! Very irritating. My vocabulary during my 30-40 minute drive to and from office is pretty limited. For example - "You ****** ***** $%$%# #$%#$%^# %^^& ~%%&^ ********". Whoever said driving improves your swearing skills was right on dot! I even invent custom ones as well ;-)
And then the usual bike stickers et al. Almost all auto rickshaws have "Hai so-and-so". Always wondered what it meant. Was it a greeting or a put-downer??
I saw one a few days back - "Babu Doll". Make your own meanings out of it :-D

Had been to Rajajinagar Habba and Bangalore Book Festival few weekends back. Will talk about them in more details some other day. Me too sleepy now. Hope to be more regular.

Listening to Yellow by Coldplay. Very good. Period.