Saturday, May 21, 2005

Weekend Blues!

Come weekend and I am in a fix as to what to do..well I could come here and put in some words, but then sitting a whole week in front of a monitor tap-tapping away, its a bugging thing to do again over the weekend. Well, till I decide what to do now, will keep tap-tapping away :-)
Well, let me try writing a review. Will start of on restaurants - we were treated at Bamboo Shoots last weekend by a friend of ours who is getting into marriage bliss (did i hear some guffaws? :-D).
Well, coming to the reastaurant, it had authentic Chinese and Thai food. Authentic as in real chinese/Thai chefs preparing the food I guess - not any Indian chef who would put in a whole pack of Garam masala into a bowl of Gobi Manchurian (well, I do hope garam masala is not put into gobi manchurian, its just a guess, what with my culinary skills and all). Well, we started off on the starters (yeah, I know, lame sentence!). We ordered a lot of them, veg and non-veg. The Tiger prawns were especially yummy. We ordered only the Chinese stuff as we didn't want to take any chances with Thai about which none of us knew. And, we always have this scare where we might get a moving reptile on our plates (again I know, a cliched view).
Well, the starters were sumptuous enough that we actually didn't order much of the main course. It usually happens that we end up wasting a lot coz none would have the enthu to eat after the starters.
We just had one item of rice which we shared among 5 of us. We were that full. The rice wasn't too heavy and the gravy went well with the rice.
Then the best part- desserts. That is what everyone waits for.We ordered some 2 items which had all exotic sounding names and the usual lychee with ice-cream :-). Good one!
Really a good place to go to. And not verrrrry expensive as we had thought. 1500 for 5 of us. That looked like a good deal.
Well, thatz about for my review. Looks more like a dear diary thing than a review. But what the heck, its a start!

Another funny incident was the interview I took yesterday. The candidate was really interesting. You try asking him a question- he listens to part of it and then starts off without giving us a chance to complete the question. This is how it went -
Q1. Ok, tell us abt urself.
A. I am so-and-so doing this-and-that. My project was ...blah....blah..3 minutes....blah blah!

Q2. Ok, tell us, in the XML you used in......
A. Oh, XML...that...this...blah...SAX.....DOM...<8minutes>...and that is how it is!

We were fully zapped at this. We were trying to aska question that should have elicited a one-line answer and he went on for 8 minutes! And everytime we tried to cut in, he cut us right back and carried on with his monologue.

Qn. You have used software X?
A. Hmm...not too much, but have downloaded the trailer (?) version and run a couple of examples.

And then finally the ultimate Miss India answer - being in any stream of SDLC is fine but what is important is to contribute as much as you can with your expertise. Phew!!!
Let us a bit dazed after the interview.

Well, am, tired now. Think will sleep for a while and then decide what to do. Have another interview to take this evening. Man, hope that this guy is something good.


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Somu said...

well for a moment I was zapped "54 of us shared amongst ourselves". I was left wondering who is the one who could treat 54 of you at Bamboo shoots!!! ;-)

One more thing, after all the "display-of-knowledge" did the guy manage to land up with an offer letter?