Monday, November 07, 2005

Post-Diwali update

Well, the last weekend was really long. We got 2 days of holiday - 31st and 1st on event of Diwali and Rajyothsava. And since Saturday and Sunday were off anyways, it was a 4-day long binge :-D
But how else waste a day than by lazing around! ;-) Lazed around like a log all day in front of the TV. Watched about some 6 movies on TV - Mummy, XXX, Lost, (and a horde of others that I dont recollect) and 3 movies on DVD - No Entry, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Chocolate. Among the three, No Entry was the personal best. Funny acts put up by Fardeen and Anil Kapoor.
Salman Khan in a highly exaggerated role of a philanderer husband who is not even doubted an ounce by doting wife, Esha in a horrible role! Lara, in a surprisingly deglamourised role and Bipasha, trying to look hot but somehow failing. Maybe only John can get it out of her :-D The climax had me in splits!
MPKK was pretty ok as well, though Sohail was over the top and Katrina under the top (in terms of acting, people! No double entendre here ;-)). Sush looked ravishing and was easily the best part!
Chocolate, hmm...watched it from 2-5 in the morning so wasn't really able to appreciate its slickness! No one's touting Tanushree as the new Mallika yet? Surprising! Though the frivolity of the ending really took away the sheen off the rest of the movie. Maybe people would like it. I surely for one, didn't!
Was so bugged by Tuesday that I had to go out somewhere! So went out to a movie (Oh yeah! pretty innovative eh?). First tried at Inox at the Garuda Mall. Even with the ticket prices at 170 bucks, there was a huge rush! Man do these Bangloreans have lots of disposable cash! The madding crowd surely drove us away from there and thus we decided to try out Rex, our favorite English cinema since Pre-Univ days (11th/12th Std days, for the uninitiated). Sure enough, we easily got tickets at 625 for the 630 show of 'Legend of Zorro'. The movie itself was so-so, pretty similar to the prequel with all the swishing swords and funny moments! The funniest was the addition of Zorro's kid who imbibes some of the legendary fleet-footedness which he displays at school. And Catherine Zeta-Jones. Beautiful as ever! Sultry as ever (hee hee, thankz to Vyb for introducing this word in my dictionary :-D)!
Movie over and the now common rains made its appearance, albeit after a week's let up.
Week's been pretty busy; and cloying with all the Diwali sweets coming in from everywhere. Office, friend's place, relatives' houses, wherever I land, there are sweets! And crackers too! Though as a personal decision, didn't burst any of them. Though watched them polluting the air in all their fiery, smoky splendor! (nothing against people who burst! I used to do it till about 2 years back. Then stopped!)
Before I go, as is the flow in the recent past, an attempt to make you people groan!

If Zeenat Aman had an affair with almost every man she met, and each of them fathered a child with her, she would be singin this for each of them.....

...Aap jaisa koi mere zindagi mein aaaye, to Baap ban jaaaye, haaan, haaan, Baap ban jaaaye!

Till then, Adios Amigos!


Lucifer said...

gave the Legend a miss after hearin a couple of negetive reviews .. instead watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . . worth it .. again .. off beat humour .. !!
Miss all the smoke and noise of Diwlai!
and Good one again .. ! :-D

Dooka said...


Diwali is boring anywhere but back at home... i even miss the smell of the heavily polluted air.. :(

Nice blog about a really lazy weekend in front of the EVIL blackbox and its twin EVIL black room! :)))

Heard such pathetic reviews about chocolate that I want to watch it!!! :)

Catch you soon.

Prashanth said...

Yeah...Diwali always brings with it all the dhamakas!
Its good to bow down to the might of the black box and the black room once in a while :-D
Chocolate..hmm..maybe you'll just like it..try it!