Monday, January 30, 2006

New Year, new beginnings

Well, been a long time since I came visiting this part of town :-D

Life's been hectic with both official and extra-official work. There were a few requests for an update. Didn't know that I had such a dedicated following albeit it might just be a forced one ;-)
Well, the latest hot news is that I have got rid of my long, luscious locks! It was just an on-the-spur-of-the-moment decision. Decided will get a haircut, didn't think twice and before I changed my mind, got it done. People say I look smarter. And they somehow take the pain to point out that "smart" is more in a relative sense of way to my earlier appearance rather than an absolute scale.
Well, from my side, I would surely miss all the tending and nurturing of my hair. Truly the metrosexual male :-D (its the new buzzword. No idea what it means tho')!
So what's made me busy these days? Work as usual. In a new project, so lots to learn and grasp. That does take quite a bit of time. Other than that, there have been quite a few happenings. We now have a proper cricket team in office. So pretty involved in the practice and other team management decisions ;-) After all this, I don't envy the BCCI selectors at all. What all permutations and combinations they got to go through to pick 15 out of maybe a hundred contenders! Seriously WOW!
Another event were the cultural events in office. And I actually danced. Well, I can already see you people ROTFL-ing imagining a Sunny Deol-like dance. Well, I should say I am slightly better. And the hair. That made all the difference. It always blocked my view of the audience and so I could conveniently not see the audience convulsing with laughter in their seats :-D
But some people did say I did it well. So at least for it, it was worth while.
Watched 15 Park Avenue today afternoon. Was dumbstruck at the end of it. The acting was good, but the story. Well, this story flew way over the cuckoo's nest. Into space and beyond. But one thing was the portrayal of different female characters - true to stereotype - the monster-like female who bosses over everyone and has to have it her way; the insecure, suspicious wife; the mother who would go emotional and boo-hoo at the drop of a hat; but all in all very good acting from all, especially Konkona. Powerhouse performance. But not the ideal Monday afternoon watch.
Rang De Basanti also is supposed to be good. Heard rave reviews from almost everyone who watched it. At office, it seems like I am on one side who hasn't watched RDB and the entire world on the other side who already watched it and then discuss it in hushed tones whenever I pass by.

Watched Neal and Nikki on DVD last weekend as well. Wow. What a movie. As I heard Shekhar Suman on TV saying " Neal n Nikki is a cute little love story - between a piece of wood and a bra/panty" :-)) It was exactly that. To add to the comment, it was a "made-up" piece of wood. Wow. The make up on the hero's face is so conspicuous! Maybe it was a ploy that would absorb all of Tanishaa's screams bfore reaching the eardrums! I really pity the people who watched it on the big screen and had to hear her screaming in full Dolby DTS!

There are so many malls mushrooming all over Bangalore these days. Be out of town for a few days and you would feel exactly like how Rip Van Winkle did! The college crowd now has new terminology. Girrls are no more classified as Mounts or JNC's or Anne's. Now the classification is like this - Garuda Maaal, Forum Maal or Sigma Maaal (depending on the mall they visit)! Go on weekends and there is no place in any of these places to even keep a toe inside let alone a whole foot! The erstwhile popular hangouts, Brigade and MG Road, are deserted as never before on a Saturday evening!

Pretty long update. Let me hope to be a bit more regular on this from now on. Now that there is not much hair to take care of ;-)


Somu said...

Hey Prax,
I am on your side too. I havent watched the movie yet and want to watch it badly after hearing the reviews.

Dooka said...

Me too on the same side!!! :((( dont even have company to watch the movie.. :(((

But nice to see ya blogging!

dear rip van winkle, me will rush to your other blog now...

talk to you soon.


Lucifer said...

hopefully u have manaeged to watch it by now .. and what hap to the match ??

pensive said...

Hey dude, You have been tagged yet again by me. Pliss to visit my blog and live up to the tag!

pensive said...

Wow had not visited this space in a while. That was quite an update. And hey you looked cute long/short hair notwithstanding!:) and people, he surely can dance!:)