Monday, March 06, 2006

Tagged with 20 things!

Well, Charlie tagged me and Sath to write 20 things about myself! Wow! A pretty exhausting job it is, I must say. Is it really so hard to know and remember 20 things about oneself?? anyways, here goes my 20 things :-D

1. Love Bangalore and exploring it. Know almost all the areas in Bangalore like the back of my hand. For a few days, my favorite pastime was to pore over the Eicher map of Bangalore and check out shortest routes between different areas!

2. Avid information seeker. Google is my God. If I feel curious about anything, which is almost about everything, I immediately start googling!

3. Have a weird sense of humor - can come up with jokes (usually bad ones) anytime. Love humor of all varieties - from the intellectual to subtle to toilet humor. Very easy to make me laugh and keep me laughing :-D Have been called different names from Hasmukh to smiloo which speaks a lot about my default state of expression! Can sometimes play dirty practical jokes on people but I try to take care not to hurt their sentiments!

4. A great listener. Can listen to anyone talking about anything.

5. Am a pretty accommodating person with a block against saying No to people. Philanthropic I am. I hate very, very few people in this world, maybe not even a handful :-)

6. Can be irritating at times with my mood which swings from good to spoilt and back within short spans of time

7. Love cricket and very passionate about it. Try to absorb all info about it and follow every match from U-15 to Seniors cricket, if not on TV, then in Cricinfo and newspapers. Did you know I was impressed by MSDhoni about 2 years back when he was part of the U-19 team in Kenya! Thought at that time that he has to surely make it to the Indian team soon. Though it took 2 years I guess!

8. Non-fussy person. Can eat anything that is served without complaints or issues. I rarely complain of less sugar, very salty, too bland, etc, etc. Mom says wife will be lucky in that respect!

9. Very resistant health-wise. I fall sick maybe once a year - though I eat and drink anywhere - a roadside thela to a 5-star hotel. Touchwood! I hate going to doctors - no I don't mind the medicines or injections - but its just a pet peeve that I have.

10. Love travelling. While on trips, can stay up all night and still be fresh and fit all of next day. I like to have fun all the time when I am out somewhere. Don't like people who prefer to sleep rather than have fun!

11. Am a left hander. Slowly learning to be ambidextrous!

12. Family and friends mean a lot to me though I don't flaunt it. Also keep both of them separate from each other. Parents don't know who my friends are and much about them and friends don't know much about my family. People sometimes feel I don't care about either. But not always right!

13. Tend to be shy at the beginning with people, but once they know me well, God save them!

14. Pretty good at the English language. Love doing crosswords, scrabble, and any related word games.

15. Have a good memory. Can vividly remember small events that occurred years back, stuff people tell me, phone/vehicle numbers of friends, etc. Though, anything related to academics and it just fails to work! :-D

16. I try to be self reliant and not depend on anybody to get my tasks done.

17. Don't really have any strong likes or dislikes with regard to entertainment like movies, books, music. If its recommended, I try it out!

18. Can sleep for long hours at a stretch.

19. Can never sleep early! Even if I am done with everything early, will almost always sleep after midnight.

20. Love riding/driving - can ride/drive any number of ours without getting bugged of it. Though getting stuck in a jam is a bit off-putting!

Now I got to think on another 8 things I want in a perfect lover! Hee hee! That should be fun. Until I think of them and post, adios!


Still not Lost said...


Sathwick said...

so done atlast...but we have to take our revenge on Charlie...lets team up!! he he he (evil laughter)...
looks like u have pretty much covered most things...!

Lucifer said...

not fair ... u spell checked ur entry :-P

Dooka said...


I guess we knew all this about you... unfortunately no skeletons in the cupboard that we could have feasted on! ;)

Sath, there is a tag for '7 things'.. do you want me to pass it on to you? Then you can pass it to charlie.. what say???

Luci, nyah! :p


Prashanth said...

Lets tag Charlie on this one - 5 things that my wife hates me for! ;-))) What say!

not faiR? I spell faily well :p

Heh Heh, you should tell me more about myself, which I myself may not know! ;-) I was pretty hungry myself, so crunched on the skeletons myself! :-D
Pass that 7 things one to Charlie...let him ponder and struggle!! :-)))

Lucifer said...

what was my hoodibaba number ? :-P

Suprada said...

Yoda, u are!

Prashanth said...

Thu dabba! U got the Hoodibaba after college - never got much chance to see it. Anyways here goes a try - 6249 or something similar? I surely remember 9 but the other digits are vague :-p Btw, ur Puch was 2137 right? :-)