Saturday, April 28, 2007

Funny signs...

Signs (the road-signs kind, not the spooky Manoj-Night-Shyamalan kinds), slogans (like the ones on tshirts. There was a phase where I only bought tshirts with slogans printed on them) have long piqued my curiosity. And there is never a dearth of signs that are amusing - either due to spelling mistakes or the thoughts they express. So I try to capture the funny ones and have had a collection from quite some time. Here are a few that I really found funny.

This was on the road right next to the state secretariat. Talks true about much of the development happening here. Never "In Progress". Always "Under Progress". They might never reach par or over progress :)

At the Pune zoo. Molest? Tantalise animals? I can imagine Rakhi Sawant doing an item number in front of them to tantalise them! Or an eve teaser behind the female chimp! And what about the poor badger. Please don't badger the badger!

At a bird sancutary outside Pune. Complete family harmony at a jinks joint? And I didnt get the camel in the pic.

At a roadside intersection at Pune. Passed out? That must have been lot of casualties! Well, that shows the quality of teaching.

At Mahabalipuram. Teach "male-to-male and female-to-female"? I'm getting doubts about this. And 20-year experians. Are they different from Aquarians or Saggitarians?

At Mahabalipuram. B****, m****, Sutta na milaaa? No way! Check this out, dude.

At Pondicherry. I just loved this clay Maaama and Maami at a shop!

At Pondicherry. Never seen such a thing earlier. Would you be comfortable in it? What if it goes over a hump? Hmm...never mind! (But nonetheless, a great way to keep the city clean)

At Pondicherry again. Some menu, this. And Chutnet? Misspelling it once it fine, but twice over?

At Pondicherry. Nothing funny about this. Just was impressed by the idea of communal integration coming through simple calendar placements.

Back of a car somewhere in Bangalore. Literal translation from Kannada reads
"You only come.
Not you.
If anyone could decipher this code, leave it as a comment!

On the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Big Banian tree! What about Big Underwear tree? :)) (Brought to you by Rupa Underwear and Banian! Thanks Rupa)

At Nandi Hills. It's a warning, Amrutha and Sarovara. Both of you don't get into them. But into what?

At Nandi Hills again. This sign is at the edge of the cliff. Getitng there needs Hanuman-ish caliber. Looks like the painter didn't heed to his own sign!

This was at Hampi from a moving auto. The line in red at the bottom read 'South Africa'. Was the sign really exported from SA? Or maybe a promotion of free parking in SA? Can't park in India? Please visit SA and park your vehicles for free there!

In a bus in Goa. Sealing? Maybe 29 can be cramped and sealed into one!

At a tourist spot outside Bangalore. Do they mean the art gallery is inside the...?


Pakku said...

pra.. mantha ninna collectionaa.. awesum mann.. keep them coming :-)

Lucifer said...

great collection .. will soon seem them on reddit? ;)

Somu said...

Nice topic to blog and an interesting collection to support :)

Prashanth said...

Thanks Guys :)
Am always on the lookout for stuff like these...have seen some more but not had the chance to click them..
maybe sometime in future!

Red said...

Got here by chance and had a hearty laugh. These were awfully awesome.