Tuesday, September 14, 2010


K-Tea - This might just be the most different tea I've ever tasted. And tasted very good as well, right up with the best.
The place this is available at is a small nondescript hotel, Sri Lakshmi Nivasa on the Bangalore Mangalore highway at Kalladka, about 35km before entering Mangalore.
The specialty of this K-tea (Kalladka tea) is its double color. Usually, you might have seen your tea with a white creamy layer on top of the browny tea layer. But in K-Tea, this is reverse. The brown tea layer is at the top while the milk is at the bottom. Looks totally cool!

Anyone who is passing by, should definitely have this,a long with the dosa and goli-baje. Anyone who's not passing by should have it in their itinerary to check this out :-)


Vinitha said...

Good to see that your back with your blog :)

christine said...
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christine said...

Yahh..thats really good to the body...antioxidants rid the body of molecules called free radicals, which are side products of damage done to the body by pollution and the natural aging process. Free radicals in the body's cells are very unstable and tend to react negatively with other important molecules like DNA, causing malfunctions and injury on the cellular level. The destruction these free radicals produce may therefore pave the way for diseases like heart disease and cancer.

In the case of heart disease, antioxidants in tea may prevent death from second heart attack by helping blood vessels relax, thereby allowing blood to flow through more easily, potentially lowering blood pressure and reducing stress on the heart.

Just try this very slimming coffe also and it will make you good too in a simpliest way.

soren said...