Friday, June 24, 2005

My collection of poems...

Every once in a while, when I am usually in a despondent mood, I start writing bits of writing that finally tend to look like poems. I feel pretty happy with that. Am posting the stuff that I penned...

A Friend in Need

Life feels like nothing more than a bubble
One moment glistening, the next, mere rubble
All the dreams that are built along the way
Comes crashing down in less than a day

Tears stream down, the sobbing gets loud
Where is that silver lining in the dark cloud?
That is when you yearn for a friend
Who can give your broken heart a mend

In the times of joy, be there to share
In times of grief, be there to care
Oh, how I wish for such a pal
Will I ever come across one at all?

Contemplating Life

Its the feeling I get then and now
And it is not any idle thought
Everytime I wonder how
Whether this life is really worth or not

Somedays it is boring existence
With nothing to look forward to
And all around, you feel a pretence
True friends too far and few

But most days is filled with sun and shine
A jump in the step, a lilt in the voice
Then life feels all good and fine
Bantering with friends, with lots of noise

And as this wondering turns deep
Life, I realize,sometimes make you smile
And sometimes makes you weep
But all in all, its been worth this while

Leaf In The Wind

I am drifting all alone
In this wide, wide ocean of life
There is no one to call my own
Empty feelings and loneliness cut like a knife

I have so many questions to ask
But still they remain unanswered
Now I am just wearing a mask
Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as is heard

Once upon a time, I was wild and reckless
Willing to take on life's idiosyncracies
Now, after the fight, its just a mess
I have been humbled, and brought to my knees

Life will still take its own course
More twists-and-turns, bump-and-grind
And I cannot stand against its force
I am but just a leaf in the wind

Boats On the Shore

The boat is moored at the shore
After getting thrown about in the tempest
Wondering what the future has in store
After the trough, waiting for the crest

All that has happened, all that is done
Is left behind as the forgettable past
Battles may be lost, but the war needs to be won
And that is what matters final and last

In the run of life, sometimes you may fall
Tripped and pushed by the ones you believed
But the one who gets up and stands tall
Is the one who truly has lived

Life has always got the high and the low
Both ways the pendulum will swing
Sometimes utter darkness, sometimes that bright glow
Hopes that are shattered will again take wing


As I stand in this bright light
And all around me is a glow
Something suddenly catches my sight
Oh yeah, its my very own shadow

It is your best friend for ever
Though its form is not complete
It will leave your side never
Also it makes your imitation neat

When no one is around, and you are all alone
Your shadow is there, ever by your side
It is one thing you can call your very own
There is nothing from it, that you can hide

But among all these brighter comments
Sometimes the shadow has a question mark
Because it is there at your brighter moments
But leaves you all alone in the dark


nehanaik_1988 said...

Hi mamu....;) u gotta gr8 vocab n ur poems r awesome...!!! i liked d "friend in need"..!!! ther were times wen e1 i wasnt i d best of my i wdnt b able to pen down nethin as good as u do...;)

Sachi said...

"Boats On the Shore" and "friend in need"
I liked these 2 poems.. more of a reflection on my inner mind... love it...
Keep writing man... u have a lont way to go.. nice style..