Monday, June 06, 2005

Raining cats and dogs...

...the euphemism does not hold good for the Bangalore weather anymore. It can be more well-described as raining elephants and horses! Man, did the rain pour! It was like someone up there just forgot to shut the tap after the water tank was full...gushed down from the heavens. And then, the Bangalore roads..the less said the better. The authorities have got this ability to get their timing right upto a split second to dig up the roads just before the rain starts. And once it rains, God save the pedestrians and motorits. Where the road stops and drain starts, nobody knows. Its just based on pure luck and providence. The area that I work in, Koramangala, is especially terror-inducing. There is no road that does not turn into a veritable slush pool. The authorities seem to have taken to name 80-feet road in the wrong sense. Rather than 80-feet wide, they are turning it into an 80-feet deep road. Half the road is a mud path, the other half pothole-ridden. As someone said, it looks exactly like Om Puri's face!
Today has been relatively non-rainy in that sense. Could walk around office a bit. Though the road in front of office is again pathetic, the less said the better. Wonder if ever the infrastructure will get better.
This weekend was a bit lazier in terms of things to do. Sunday was spent at home entertaining relatives of various shapes and sizes. Now, I have perfected the art of smiling and lolling my head when faced with weird questions and comments on things like marriage and kids and the like. Painful moments, those. Had a sumptuous lunch and then spent the rest of the time chatting away with cousins.

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Somu said...

I miss bangalore inspite of it :-)
How about having chats for snax in that weather, the flip side of a "lovely" weather :p