Monday, October 17, 2005

Back to my jokes...

Benn some time since I posted...more because I was out of town last weekend during Dussera to Mangalore and my native place. Was raining pretty much there and the whole place looked like a hill station. Felt good to drive around there amongst the hills and wafting mists.
Did take quite a few snaps which I am too bored to upload now. Will upload them soon.
Here a joke I just created few hours ago.

Genghis Khan, after beingn defeated, came to Uttar Pradesh and settled in Benaras and started a small paaan shop. This post-war life of his was chronicled in a famous Hindi movie titled....

Mongol Paaan-De

I know, I know...but I am like this only :-))


pensive said...

aaaah!!! i know i know u like this only ..but cud not resist that one!! pliss to be moving to other kinda tag games now dude!

RT said...

I heard another one about this guy trying hard to grow the aamir khan-mangal pandey-like moustache and everytime he tweaked the moustache up, it drooped limply downwards..
Hence he ended up being called "Mongol Pandey"..:)