Friday, October 21, 2005

Its raining....and how!!

Bangalore's been getting a fresh bout of rains from the past week or so. And its not the normal Bangalore showers that last for about an hour and disappear. Its more like the ad for Energiser - Goes on and on and on...! Today's been a bit of respite, though the clouds look murky and threaten to burst open anytime soon.
Got lots of expected 'ugh' reviews for my last mongol pandey joke. Heh heh, am so used to those groans in response to my jokes :-D But I loved it :-)
I go through those phases - there was a phase when I was into PJs.
And then poems (had posted them here. Take a look - My Collection of Poems); well that is a pretty niche area. You really need to tax your thoughts to come up with a poem - even a bad one requires quite a bit of effort. Wonder about Wordsworth and the like. They must have been driven by a strong passion. And yes, a love of nature. I can never forget 'Daffodils'. I think it was it was in 8th Std that we had it in our English textbook. Still haven't forgotten it. 'They flash upon the inward eye, Which is the bliss of solitude'. Beautiful, that poem is.

Next there was a phase for really short stories. Captured my imagination for a while. Need to think to write such stuff as well, the 55-word kinds.
Now I am back to my PJs. I have always been interested in the 'pun'-ny side of words. Just a small play on them words and you have a good laugh in your hands. Here's one more. This was inspired by the Federation Cup ads that are on Zee TV. Noticed one of the hoardings near Forum Mall.

In Italy, they have special road crossings for ladies in lingerie. In fact, they even have a special nomenclature for such crossings. And they are...

Ze-bra crossings.

Ha ha, I know I know. Maybe its not funny at all. Big deal, get out your guns and shoot me. I laughed out loud when I made it up.

Here are some of the pics that I took during my visit to Mangalore last weekend. Nothing great. But, am still learning and still very low on the learning curve. Need to keep taking pics to get to some level. I have pretty good friends in whose steps I can follow - Suprada, Vikas and Sathwick. Who, not long ago, used to think a camera is to capture social occasions and functions. Now its a lot more. And with digital cameras, no requirement of developing the film, one can really make it a passion. (Click on each of the pictures to get a larger image)


Dream Builder said...

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Lucifer said...

dude .. makes me reminescnet of our Sakleshpur trek on a track .. the surroundings were very simmilar ..
as for ur jokes .. they mite b infuriating at times.. but u sure have improved :-D and are actually chuckle inducing ..
Keep it up .. someday you mite have your own autobiography .. "Punny Side up" :-D

Suprada said...

Go on with your jokes! I do groan, but laugh tooo (shucks..guess i go garf!) By the way, I just read this dino joke which reminded me of you.....
What do you call a dino who smashes everything on its way?
A tyranosaurus Wrecks
he he he....
By the way nice snaps. As vikas puts it, it does remind me of our Sakleshpur trip and my other trips in Mangalore. Rock on!

Prashanth said...

Yeah...very reminiscient of the Sakleshpur trek. The terrians are very similar.
Thanks for the encouraging words. But beware, you are just inviting further groaners :-D