Thursday, April 27, 2006

Football World Cup fever....

Well, with the World Cup just around the corner, its just a great overdose of football everywhere! Newspapers, TV, everywhere! That inspires me to get back to my jokes. Here is one:

What did Pele tell when he met Rishi and Dimple after Bobby?

Yeh kya aap "Pele tum, Pele tum" kar rahe the movie ke gaaane mein, asli Pele toh main hoon na!!

If Walt Disney created football cartoons we would have had main characters like Bechkie Mouse, Donaldo, Donaldinho, Pluto-ni, etc, etc....


Lucifer said...

you are back .. ;)
staying here is a torture for sports fan .. no coverage of anythn but Basketball and Baseball ..
internet is the sole source been following the UEFA semi finals onwards .. and y not .. King Henry is leading the Gunners to a first evr Euro finals .. and guess where? in France!!

Prashanth said...

Heh heh...once in while, the bug strikes me!
Long live the Internet! Actually the Times of India has good coverage everyday on football! Very informative!