Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Was sitting through a session on basic Unix skills and were having a discussion on man pages when I came up with this:

If 'man' pages in Unix give information of the different commands, certainly 'woman' pages give gossip about the same command ;-)

On a straighter note, googled and found that there is something called woman in Unix: it is used to browse man pages without man...get the drift? WithOut Man = WO-Man!!
Great thinkers, those! :-)

On the same subject, Unix has a quite a few recursive acronyms:
GNU - GNU's Not Unix
RPM - RPM Package Manager
PHP - PHP: Hypertxt Preprocessor


Lucifer said...

keep givin the Gyaan .. u r becoming quite the scholar type .. researching Unix .. nerdy dude!

Vibe said...

Good one Pros !!

Anonymous said...

rpm is redhat package manager :)

Prashanth said...

Well, anon, RPM was initially redhat package manager but now supp it is RPM package manager. Here's the link from wikipedia...but who's to verify :-)