Friday, December 21, 2007

PJ time...?

When was the last time I posted a PJ. I myself don't remember :)

Tom and Jim were good friends. One day, while Tom was visiting Jim's house, they decide to cut vegetables for lunch. While doing so, Tom cuts his finger and blood starts falling on the new rug Jim had put in his living room.

As soon as this happened, Tom and Jim looked at each other and realized they were long lost brothers and hug each other in happiness.

How did they figure out they are brothers?

Kyunki Jim ge RUG mein Tom ka khoon bah raha hai!


Vinita said...

Wow.. where do you find these huh.. [:)] took a while for me to digest..

Prashanth said...

I guess I have a knack for them...really poor jokes :-D
it's fun to watch people tear their hairs out in frustration ;-)