Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mobiking to Mysore and around

Long pending blog to be published. Procrastination rules! :(
The last weekend of November was good with a long pending bike trip done. A total of 550km in 2 days was great fun. My stressed back wouldn't share the same opinion, I guess :)

So late Friday night we decided to go to Mysore. We set out pretty early on the Saturday morning. There were three bikes - my brother on an Enticer, my cousin on a Unicorn and myself on a Pulsar. The other 2 were already long trip experts after doing a Bangalore-Mangalore trip few months back.

After topping the tank, we quickly reached Mysore Road and started roaring on the highway. The road were unusually empty, for it being a weekend, there are usually lots of holiday travelers going to all the scenic places between Bangalore and Mysore. We kept up speeds up to 90kmph easily on all the 3 bikes. Soon reached Ramnagaram and decided to check out the hillock and temple nearby. This was the location where the movie Sholay, arguably the best Indian movie, was shot. Climbing the stone steps up to the temple literally took my breath away. Been sometime since I did any sort of strenuous work, and this wasn't even that difficult. But the sedentary lifestyle does take its toll during such times. We went past the temple and there was an elevated place that gave a good panoramic view of the surroundings. The wind was pretty strong up there. A specialty of this hill is that there are no crows around! Think about that. Do crows have vertigo?

After resting there for sometime, we headed out and stopped at Mandya for lunch. After a pretty ordinary lunch, we were on our way again. The stretch between Mandya and Mysore is really good with long straight roads with good visibility and all of us did 100+ with ease, though the engine started to purr in a complaining tone.
We deviated into the historical Srirangapatna that was once the capital of Tipu Sultan. We checked out the different monuments like the temple, obelisk, jail and the not-anymore palace.
From there, we decided to go to Ranganthittu to pass time before going to KRS/Brindavan Gardens for the evening musical fountain show.
Ranganthittu was a disappointment as we did not get to see any variety in birds. The only thing interesting were the crocodiles lolling around after having their rich feast of different fishes of the Cauvery river. They are so full of fish food that they find it difficult to even move around. One of them gave us a good pose with its mouth wide open baring it's razor sharp dental set.
We had some refreshments nearby and then headed off to KRS. The Brindavan Gardens built next to the KRS dam is a pretty amazing place with different kinds of fountains competing for eye space from the viewers.

The musical fountain show attracts hordes of people and the place resembles any rush day at Tirupati. Huge crowds throng to view the albeit short 15minute spectacle of the fountain dancing to nationalistic and regional songs. The different colors the fountain takes on is a treat to watch though.

Then we headed to Mysore, visited one of the pubs in town, Opium, which had pretty good popular rock numbers playing.
We hit the sack in a cousin's place and prepared to the next day's journey to Himvad Gopalaswamy Betta (Hills). We started off at 9AM. The road between Mysore and Nanjangud was pretty treacherous with potholes and private buses competing with each other to be first. Though, all of us safely negotiated the mad traffic. Once past Nanjangud, the roads became better and emptier and we were again free to talk to the wind at 90-100kmph.
Finally reached the hilltop at 1130AM which was a wrong time as the usually enchanting mist (hence the name Himvad) had lifted off and the top was bare in the afternoon sun. But still, there was a chill there and you can actually touch the mist inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Gopalaswamy temple. The priest actually wipes off the mist off the ceiling and sprinkles over you.
We then took a short hike onto one the hills nearby and just lazed there till we were bored and hungry. Finally, around 2, we were back on our way to Mysore.

Rested a lot more at my cousin's place and then finally were on our way back to Bangalore by 830pm. The weather was pretty chill and 2 shirts and a jacket with a cap along with a helmet couldn't stop me from shivering in the chilling winds. My attire could have given a complex to an Eskimo.
After some snacks at Maddur, somehow me and the other 2 bikes got separated and I was left to myself (and couldn't reach my bro on the phone as well). So I just took off and rode at 100+ speeds. A bit dangerous, people might say, but it wasn't really that bad. Except for the oddball driver who would drive crazily, most of the other drivers on the road were pretty cool and could be trusted not to make any surprise moves with their vehicles.
I was in Kengeri by 11 which was pretty good time, 2hours of riding between Mysore and Kengeri. Reached home and just crashed on my bed in the warm comforts of my thick blanket.

Here is a summary for any of you interested in planning any trip to Mysore for 2 days.
Saturday: Bangalore - Ramnagara Sholay hills (if interested) - breakfast at Kamat Lokaruchi - Visit Janapada Loka - Stop at Maddur Coffee Day (just for the experience) - Lunch at any place between Maddur and Srirangapatna - Visit Sriragapatna - Visit Ranganthittu - Musical fountain show at KRS Bridavan gardens at 630pm - Overnight stop at Mysore - Hit the hangouts in Mysore
Sunday: Off to Gopalaswamy Betta (better leave by 6 to reach there by 9 to see the early morning splendor) - Back to Mysore - Chill out - Visit the Mysore palace - Stay for palace lighting between 7-8pm on Sunday - Back to Bangalore - Pit stop at Maddur Coffee Day again!


Suprada said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a great time...reminds of what fun it is to speed in a two wheeler, though I used to have just a Kiney, and now a cycle...
And talk about how out of shape a sedentary lifestyle makes us, its shouldnt be like this.
I'm looking forward to hearing more from you..About the MP trip and the trip North.

Sumana said...
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Sumana said...

Thats good coverage.
Even our trip to GPS Betta had similar flow, instead of "Ramnagara Sholay hills", v went to "Nimishamba Temple,(wr one can 've teppa ride n local horse ride, if interested :) ).
Also, earlier u visit the betta, u can greet elephant, deer herds n v were able to catch-up. :)

Lucifer said...

nice read .. and a couple of the pics are awesome!

Kalyan said...

Great post and pics. I also went to Mysore but not on Bike. The placxe is pretty amazing - with the palaces and the Vrindavan garden. You guys probbaly missed out on the SUnday evening lights at the Mysore Palace - its just magnificient. Make sure to go there on a Sunday evening.

I also blogged about it at my travel blog at

Soumya said...

Helllooooo. Its been ages since you updated the blog. High time. Write one soon :)