Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ping pong and much more...

Well, this weekend turned out be lazier than the earlier adventurous weekends! Just lazed around at home on both the days and donned the role of a couch potato.
Watched almost all the movies that were aired on television in the 2 days (with a pleasant overdose of good, recent Amitabh movies) - Black, Aankhen, Khakee, Hollow Man, Rocky, Zeher, Paheli. Watched reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the umpteenth time.
Also watched Salaam. Guess you wouldn't have heard of that movie (chuckle!). Actually, watched half of Salaam Namaste...that makes it Salaam right (guffaws!). First half was pretty funny. Saif in his elements and Priety, bubbly as usual. But the scene stealer for me was Jaaved Jaffri (or Jaffrey or Jaaafri or whatever!). His aaastraaalian accent was too hilarious! I very much THE like THE ozzie accent. Got it mait? (sorry)? Eggjacktly!! Ha ha ha! Truly hilarious!

Listening to Mann ki Lagan from Paap! Nice soothing song to the ears! With that nice little classical touch to it!

Signing off now with a tickler (my modification to an existing joke):

What is similar to a king's son, a monkey's mother, a PTA meeting, spilt sugar, and a
bald man?

One is a Heir Apparent, one a Hairy Parent, one Hear a Parent, one Here Appear Ant and
one No hair apparent.


P.S: Late update: ping-pong refers to the TT tourney happening in office :-D There is a real crowd nowadays! Strange that people who never got one stair above the training room, are now flocking the TT room in droves!

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Lucifer said...

what was "Ping Pong" in that Blog :-D .. looks like u got lazy and forgot to mention it !!
also .. am guessin that the Namaste part of Salaam is the one that is makin it a Hit back home ?