Monday, September 05, 2005

Sporting Weekend

Well, this weekend, for a change, was completely sporting. A move away from the recent wanderlust. Stayed put at home and stuck in front of the TV. There was lots of sports to look forward to over the weekend. US Open, WC2006 qualifiers, F1 Italian GP, Tri-Nation Series cricket..well, my two days were just packed!
Yesterday was the best..first the fightback by Yuvraj and Dhoni against Zimbabwe. When Yuvraj is in form, he is atreat to watch. And Dhoni was a revealation with his controlled innings. He earns new respect from me from now onwards. Hope India can break its finals jinx and lift the cup on Tuesday.
Another awesome match was the Sharapova-Sania US Open match. The final scoreline did not do a bit of justice to the fight that Sania put up. Her groundstrokes were consistently harder and faster than Sharapova's. It was only her serve that let her down. Too many double faults and also Maria took Sania's second serves to the cleaners! Otherwise it was almost an even match-up between the two talented (and hot!) 18-year-olds. I guess now Sania's raking should go up to the high-30's which would automatically seed her for all the Slams. Way to go, Sania. Sania Mania was visible all over town, on TV channels and even the crowd at Centre Court at Flushing Meadows. So here's looking forward to a Top-tenner from India soon.

F1 too was pretty enthralling with Kimi trying to pull Alonso off his perch. But the 11th placed start didn't help and looks like Renault will be on tops finally. But that Mclaren is one helluva car. Nothing even closely as fast! And with is funky styling, the car really stand out among the rest of the F1 crowd. JPM did a good race which is so much of a rarity nowadays! Good for him! But still, my mantra will be Gooooooooo Kimi!

Other than sports, Saturday was lunching outside at Magnolia, the quaint little place near BDA complex in Koramangala. The cuisine is mainly Chinese with a dash of Thai (though I could not make out the difference between both :-D). The food is good and is not too hard on the pockets as well. Good place to try out if Chinese is the one that tickles your palate.

Watched Mr and Mrs Smith on Saturday. Drab movie, except for the sparks between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (how hot can one get man! she's just drool-maaal). The chemistry between them is pretty evident. Some of the one-liners were moderately funny but nothing to write home about. Can easily give it a miss unless you are a Jolie fan (which most are).

Listening to the remix of Aashiq Banaya Aapne title track. Very good sounding and seems to be following on the footsteps of Woh Lamhe remix as a chart topper. But that guy Emraan Hashmi is one lucky dude. Gets a chart topper song every movie, gets to do the lip-locking thingie with each of his heroines (is that a rider when he signs a film??).

The rain gods seem to be in a playful mood this week. Been raining in and out. Got drenched to the bone thrice in 3 days! And still no signs of any cold/cough/etc. Touchwood! But my bike's getting a good beating treading watery roads (umm, ok no roads, streams rather). Got to take of it now.

Am tired now. Will update more later. Still got to write my travelogues of all my journeys! Btw, got a new Canon S1 IS camera. Fell in love with it! Awesome camera. Still fiddling around with the controls to get a good hang of it!

Random Thought: Why is Roomali Roti called so? It is because it looks/feels (and tastes?) like a roomal/handkerchief or because it was first made in Ali's Room?


pensive said...

Wow someone is prompt in blogging..Sounds like a rather eventful time over the weekend.Yeah Sania can probably play some of the best shots..she just needs to get consistent.But was a nice match!:)

And well roomali roti probably resembeled a roomal at some point in time!:)

Still not Lost said...

As big and thin as a roomal, folder as a hankey makes it Roomali roti :)

Lucifer said...

have been missing out on all the sports action here :-( thnks to ur blog that coroborated the fact that Sania indeed played well .. thought it was just an Indian fanatic for the Hyderabadi Heroine who said that Sania 'troubled' and 'unsettled' Sharapova :-)
btw .. y dont u changeover and buy a kayak ? just realised thts a Palindrom :-O