Monday, September 26, 2005


Well, was just wandering and came to know that pensive Meeta had tagged me. Well, its simple. You got to try and tell a story in 55 words! Well here's my try. Fictional, of course :-)

The tall, young man was despondently thinking at VT. All his efforts had come to naught. He had bought the ticket back to Allahabad. Suddenly he felt one ray of hope surge within. He told himself determinedly - "Amitabh, you are destined to succeed". He tore the ticket and walked back into the milling Bombay crowd.

Let's see what they come up with. By the amount of posts I am putting up today, looks like I don't have much work. Which is definitely not the case. I am an efficient worker, you see (this is just in case my manager comes across this blog ;-))



johnflynn67984714 said...

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pensive said...

See not at all bad and dude it was easy was it not? U might wanna start another tag series:)

RT said...

That was not so fictional, was it?..:-)
nice post..

TS said...

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Prashanth said...

Well, I always get my facts and fiction mixed up :-p
But I do like stories where the last line gives an entirely different perspective to the story.